West Hill Energy & Computing

Evaluation, Metering and Training

What do we do?

Nationally known for rigorous evaluations of energy efficiency programs, West Hill Energy’s experience covers residential and commercial monitoring and verification (M&V), statistical analysis, and impact evaluation. Our studies focus on the underlying reasons for differences between projected and actual savings, providing real life insights into how well energy efficiency programs work.

West Hill Energy also conducts training on a wide range of topics: bring their vast experience to train your team!

The planning process…

West Hill Energy begins with developing a comprehensive plan that provides the roadmap for robust and defensible evaluations. This plan covers evaluation goals, data collection, analysis and reporting. It becomes a key document that is referenced throughout the evaluation process.

Impact Evaluation
Monitoring & Verification
Statistical Analysis

Our Strategy...

Data collection and cleaning is the foundation of a strong analysis. The West Hill Energy team focuses on the data collection process and ensuring that all data has been thoroughly reviewed before we begin the analysis.

The analysis approach must meet the evaluation objectives and be supported by the data. Starting with the simplest viable approach, we review the results and move to more sophisticated methods as indicated. Comparing results across methods ensures the accuracy of the final results.

Impact evaluation to M&V to training, West Hill Energy has you covered.

What is our mission?

In the short term, the goals of the statistical models can be used to advance energy efficiency of onsite locations or produced machines. In the long term, the mission is to provide analysis, tools and insights that help mitigate human environmental impact in a sustainable and measurable way.